Welcome to Compton Family Ice Arena on the campus of The University of Notre Dame.

Welcome to Compton Family Ice Arena!

To register for a program:

If you think you might already have an online account with us and are not sure of your login and/or password please call the main office at 574-631-1166. Please DO NOT create another/multiple accounts in this system. **Your Username / Login MUST BE a FULL complete email address for this system.

IF you (or your family member) have already participated in an class/event here in CFIA - you ALREADY have an account created in this system.

IF you have never participated in a class/event here in CFIA ever in the past, you should continue with the steps below.

1. You must Create New Account before you can register. Each family must choose a Primary Contact. Create the primary person's account first, then add more family members by clicking "add member"at the bottom of the page.

**Your Username / Login MUST BE a FULL complete email address for this system.

2. Your user name is your email address and you can create your own password.

3. Please make sure you are registering the participant for the program and not the parent/guardian.

4. If registering for Hockey programs, please go to the USA Hockey link first to receive USA hockey confirmation number.


Click on the "Create New Account” button near the top right of the screen. Fill in all required fields and don’t forget to add all family members before proceeding.

**Your Username / Login MUST BE a FULL complete email address for this system.
You will receive an email confirmation once you have successfully created your household account.


You must be logged in to register you or a member of your family for any program or league registration. Once you have logged in, toggle over the Register for a Program link and select “Register for a Program.” From this screen you may either search for your desired program or click on the desired program for a list of classes. Upon finding your desired class click the “register” button.

From this screen you will be able to pull in the family member who you will be registering and answer any necessary questions. Click add to cart and check out. If registering more than one person in the family, you can "Continue Shopping" before completing the transaction with the final payment.

NOTE: Classes shown online may only be a preview and not available for online registration. Registration dates will be shown when you click the “register” button. Once the registration is completed you will receive a confirmation notice via email.


Please click on the “login” link near the top right of the page and click on the “Forgot Password?” button. An email will then be sent to you to recover your password.

**Your Username / Login MUST BE a FULL complete email address for this system.


Please do not set up a new account! Please log in using your current username and password to access your account. Upon successful login please click the “Edit My Account” link. In the bottom section of your account setup there will be a link named “Add Member.”

Please contact our office if you have any questions at 574/631-1166 or email ndcfia@nd.edu and we will be happy to help. helpassist you!